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NinjaJobs | Weekly Digest - 09/27 - 10/04

NinjaJobs | Weekly Digest - 09/27 - 10/04
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We are living in the information age. Many of us are constantly connected through technology and answers to big questions are just a few structured queries away. The ability to learn a new skill or dive deeper into a topic has become democratized where showing up to a classroom or online session is no longer a requirement. Of course, structured learning is still very relevant, but there's something magical about being able to self-service a good portion of your learning desires.

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving field where one must keep their knowledge up-to-date to stay relevant. Spending too much time ignoring trends could leave you struggling to understand a new paradigm in architecture or attack patterns. As professionals, we should be seeking out knowledge, challenging our assumptions and growing as individuals. Find an hour or two within the work week to explore a topic or new skill. Over time, these small contributions can lead to a transformation in your development.

Laid-off or know someone who was? Use the built-in chat within the job portal to speak with one of our staffing specialists. Signing up to the platform gets them the information they need to align you to an open position.

NinjaJobs by the Numbers

Each week, we take a look at activity on the platform and share it out with the broader community. There's always a wide variety of jobs posted from tons of companies across all industries.

📄 119 Jobs Posted! Job counts are in a stable state right now for the industry. We continue to see tepid hiring from companies due to macroeconomic issues.

🏢 From 80 Companies. Job posts from MindPoint Group, Dragos, Paysend Group, Matillion, TalentStack, Referral Board and Panorama Education.

🧘 Hiring 104 Roles. Security Operations and Security Program Management were the two most popular categories of the week.

📌 In 84 Locations. We continue to see jobs posted in specific locations, though many operate hybrid or full remote.

You can check out this past week on the platform here, https://lnkd.in/eA3qh72w!

Job Pro-tip: As you progress in your career, looks for avenues of growth, but remain true to yourself. A common misconception is that you must progress from an individual contributor to a manager to "achieve greater success". Success is relative and if you're happy with what you are doing, keep doing that!

Latest Job Postings

Job Spotlight

This weeks job spotlight is from MindPoint Group who's looking for a Senior Penetration Tester (remote-friendly).  MindPoint Group delivers industry-leading cybersecurity solutions, services, and products. They are trusted cybersecurity advisors to key government and commercial decision-makers and support security operations for some of the most security-conscious organizations globally. They are seeking a Penetration Tester to assist our government and commercial clients with conducting security assessments of their web and mobile applications, as well as their underlying infrastructure.

Searching for a Job or Seeking Talent?

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Those looking for candidates, we offer options to post your positions to our portal or engage our team of recruiting experts to help source talent for you. We're a trusted name in the industry with a great record of matching excellent candidates to amazing jobs.

The NinjaJobs Team 🥷

P.S. We've launched AtmosJobs for cloud-positions and RevCyber for revenue-based positions in cybersecurity companies.

Mandiant sponsored this weeks jobs digest. Mandiant is on a mission to make every organization secure from cyber threats and confident in their readiness. Mandiant delivers dynamic cyber defense solutions powered by industry-leading expertise, intelligence and innovative technology.