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NinjaJobs | Weekly Digest - 09/13 - 09/20

NinjaJobs | Weekly Digest - 09/13 - 09/20
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Earlier this week, it was reported that Uber suffered a hack of their systems and it's suspected that LAPSUS$ could be to blame. Much of the attack appears to have leveraged social engineering and abuse of MFA which makes the news more concerning. Despite having a well-funded security program, Uber fell victim to attack. These events remind us as security professionals just how difficult our jobs can be, but also demonstrate that no one is above a compromise.

Our network is small. If you have friends at Uber, or any other business who may have suffered a breach recently, consider reaching out to them and sending some positive vibes. Responding to an incident is high stress and when the media latches onto these events, it's easy for others to cast blame. Just remember, you could be in their position at some point, so empathize and learn what you can from the published after-action reports.

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NinjaJobs by the Numbers

Each week, we take a look at activity on the platform and share it out with the broader community. There's always a wide variety of jobs posted from tons of companies across all industries.

πŸ“„ 130 Jobs Posted! Job counts are down from last week with a higher concentration in specific roles.

🏒 From 77 Companies. Job posts from GRAIL, eSimplicity, Delta Solutions & Strategies, Infinite Ranges, Endpoint Closing, VerSprite, and Twilio.

🧘 Hiring 99 Roles. Security Operations and Systems and Network Security were the two most popular categories of the week.

πŸ“Œ In 92 Locations. Each job typically lists a location, but many include remote options. Be sure to read the description before applying.

You can check out this past week on the platform here, https://lnkd.in/eA3qh72w!

Job Pro-tip: You can't predict technical questions you may get during an interview, but you can prepare. Look for sample interview questions associated with your role or ask peers in your network for what they would ask. Do your research prior to the interview!

Latest Job Postings

Job Spotlight

This weeks job spotlight is from LMG Security who's looking for a Penetration Tester based in the United States (remote in-country friendly). At LMG, our singular focus is providing you with outstanding cybersecurity and digital forensics services. Over the years, our research and publications have helped to define best practices in cybersecurity and digital forensics. In this role, you will conduct assessments on applications, networks and utilize social engineering. You will need to document your findings along the way and suggest remediations or controls to put in place to have stopped your successful attacks.

Searching for a Job or Seeking Talent?

We keep a regular tempo of sharing new job listings as they get published into the platform. A great way to casually stay updated to the latest positions is this newsletter and our social media accounts, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you find this information helpful or valuable, please forward it to a friend, especially anyone who may be interested in changing jobs!

Those looking for candidates, we offer options to post your positions to our portal or engage our team of recruiting experts to help source talent for you. We're a trusted name in the industry with a great record of matching excellent candidates to amazing jobs.

The NinjaJobs Team πŸ₯·

P.S. We've launched AtmosJobs for cloud-positions and RevCyber for revenue-based positions in cybersecurity companies.

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